VARIABELL® 2KG Replacement Exercise Weight

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VARIABELL® 2KG Exercise Weight

2KG weight for use with the VARIABELL® Adjustable Weight Kettlebell

1) Replace a lost 2KG exercise weight with a Varia Fitness OEM part

2) Consider a 1KG exercise weight addition:
Add a single 1KG to your VARIABELL® STANDARD model to upgrade to a COMPETITION model and move from 5 to 9 Kettlebell weights!!
Weight range: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 KG!!

3) Need the highest level of balanced performance in each of the 9 VARIABELL kettlebell weights?
Add a single 1KG exercise weight to your VARIABELL® COMPETITION model, or 2- 1KG exercise weights to a STANDARD model. This turns your VARIABELL into a PREMIUM model with TRU-BALANCE!

TRU-BALANCE ensures the VARIABELL is symmetrically balanced for the most precise and smooth performance at all 9 VARIABELL kettlebell weights!

Check out the VARIABELL® 1KG Exercise Weight page for Upgrades!