Hi, my name is Gary and I’m the founder & owner of VARIA FITNESS.

I founded this company because fitness, design, and invention have all been big parts of my life for a long time. I was able to combine those skills and solve a problem that would help other people using fitness to stay healthy.

I found that kettlebells and medicine balls were excellent pieces of exercise equipment to use because of their versatility in building: explosive strength, rotational strength and stability, and endurance. The only problem was you needed several different weights of each product to use for the specific exercise you wanted to do. (For more details e.g. see What weight kettlebell should I use?

This meant it was going to be expensive to buy multiple kettlebells, take up lots of storage space I didn’t have, etc. This lead to the "Ah-ha" moment:
“How can I make a kettlebell (or medicine ball) like a barbell: add exercise weights to a base product?”

The answer to that question took many prototypes and a few years to answer


Our first product was the VARIABALL®, a patented variable weight medicine ball, providing 5 weights in a single medicine ball. Our most recent product is the VARIABELL®, a patented variable weight kettlebell. The VARIABELL® is now available in a model covering the weight range of 16-24 KG (35-53 LB) in 1 KG increments: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 KG.

Other key features include:

  1. The kettlebell body and custom 1 & 2 KG weights are proudly cast from Iron in the United States
  2. Kettlebell body is made to standard Competition style dimensions
  3. Custom steel weight plates slide in/out quickly and easily
  4. Simple system to keep weights safely secured, yet allow weights to be changed quickly

More models of the VARIABELL in different weight ranges, both lower and higher, are in the pipeline, check back for availability!

To purchase the VARIABELL, visit the Store!