HTML from WORD test page

WORD Normal style, Sdlkf jsdj klkjs dll BOLD lkj slkf BOLD. This is a new sentence in plain text

  • This is bullet 1
  • This is bullet 2 with BOLD

WORD Normal style blah blah blah blah

Now here is a hyperlink- this is a hyperlink made in WORD linking to VariaFitnessdotcom

Lkjdfj sjd sdkfj kskdf jsddkfj lkdjjflkjsddlkskddlkjsdlkfjjlksadfj

Lkadjflk sdlkfj slkdjf lkjdlkj

Lskd flkjsdflkjsdkfjjlksj dlkffsd




Useful TIPS & stuff about HTML in Word at this website:



  1. Click "File" and "Web Page Preview" to view the converted document in your browser window.


  1. Web page filenames should not have any spaces in them.
    Browsers interpret a space character as its ASCII equivalent, or "%20," which causes URLs to look sloppy.
    If you must separate words in the filename for clarity, use a dash (-) or underscore (_) character instead of a space.


  1. You can also save a document as HTML using the "Save As" command under the "File" menu. The option for "Web Page (.htm)" appears in the list of file formats available in the drop-down menu.


  1. Word separates headers and footers into individual HTML files similarly to how it exports images from the document into individual files.