How do you change weights in a VARIABALL®?

To change weights, simply unzip the ball and add or remove weight bags. Check out the video to see how quick and easy it is to change the weights in a VARIABALL:

Check out the video to see how quick and easy it is to change the weights in a  VARIABALL:


What is the warranty?

Each VARIABALL and it's four weight bags are covered by a six (6) month warranty from manufacturing defects or damage due to normal use (throwing between partners, catching the ball when doing wall balls, etc).

SLAMMING the ball voids the warranty.

Send an email to support@variafitness.com and we'll get it sorted out!

How can a startup offer such a super warranty?
Because we are CONFIDENT in our product design, suppliers, and product testing. For example, a VARIABALL was dropped from ten feet 1,000 times onto concrete. The high quality zipper and double stitching on all major seams came through with flying colors. Due to it's heavier weight, the black 14->22 lb VARIABALL was reinforced with two hook and loop tabs to help absorb the enormous forces when catching the heavier medicine ball during wall balls!


What is the VARIABALL made of?

The inside of the VARIABALL is composed of high quality, 20 year life foam. Additional weights (steel shot enclosed in heavy duty fabric) are embedded in the foam increase it's base weight to either 8 or 14 lb. Besides helping set the base weight of a VARIABALL, the embedded weights are the patented "magic sauce" that keep the VARIABALL balanced as weights are changed. The yellow 2 lb. weight bags are also composed of steel shot and enclosed in the same heavy duty fabric.

NOTE: The VARIABALL is NOT intended for use by children and is not a toy. Children and/or pets should not play with with the yellow weight bags as they could break and release the steel shot, presenting a potential choking hazard.


What about patents?

The VARIABALL is covered by 3 issued US Patents: 




I'll be writing more about the patents in a future blog post!


Giving back

2% of each year's net profits will be divided between organizations that have been very helpful in my life and those of many friends:

National Alliance for Mental Illness

and the